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Rokit studios offers a versatile live room and isolation booth complete with:

  • wide range of large and small diaphram microphones
  • Yamaha U3 piano
  • real-time video monitoring
  • 4 individual stereo headphone monitor mixes
  • acoustic screens
  • boom stands
  • Gretsch drums
  • guitar and bass amplifiers

The spaces are soundproofed and sound treated to capture true, intimate and reflection-free recording. Mark will engineer your session in a fluid and seamless way. Your session can also be filmed in HD on 3 in-house DSLR cameras and footage sync’d and edited to your music.


Come to Rokit studios for rehearsals, recordings, filming, editing, livestreams, voiceovers, mixing, mastering and more.
Recording studio


Capture a natural, intimate sound in the versatile live-room along with the creative possibilities of the isolation …

Mix desk

Edit / Mix / Master

Rokit Studios is set up for fast editing, dynamic mixing and transparent mastering using the highest quality digital …

Composition / Production

A composition Masters graduate from Goldsmiths University, Mark Rose is a creative, arranger, writer and producer across …

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